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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Bag Making Bible...Take 1

Another book that I bought recently:

The Bag Making Bible [Book]

So many fun ones in here!
It would be a great beginners book too.
Each detail of making a bag is explained very well and with lots of pictures!
There is also a bag that goes with practicing each skill such as inserting a zipper.
So, you are not just practicing how to do something, you are actually making something while practicing!
Very well written book.

Here's the one I chose to make first:

"The Great Getaway Bag."

I love it and can't wait to use it!
It's got tons of room, a very long zipper (love that-it can open really wide!) , a flap pocket on the outside, and removable straps!

I even made a little zipper pouch to go inside!

This one was certainly not a "beginner's" bag!
It took me quite awhile to make it.
But I'm really glad I did.
Can't you just see me boarding the cruise ship carrying my cute bag!!!!!


  1. You did a fantastic job!! What a tough choice for your first bag from the book, but you made it beautifully! I also just got this book for christmas and I love it! I chose the Organized Office Bag for my dad's birthday, it turned out really well and I learned a bunch of new stuff! You can check it out here The Organized Office Bag...a.k.a. Dad's Bag

  2. okay, i have to have this book now!!