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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yucky weather = A new bag!

Even though it's technically Spring, it sure doesn't seem like it!

Today's forecast:



And a little more RAIN.


But that means I had time to finish a super cute bag!

Along with my roll of chalkboard fabric from this post there was also an adorable Amy Butler pattern tucked in there!

Quick sidenote....that chalkboard mat is going to come in very handy this afternoon when we can't be out drawing on the driveway!!!!

I seem to be loving large bags these days.
Maybe because I have to carry everyone's stuff. 
And I usually get handed MORE stuff when we are out and about.

Oh least they are cute.

This one comes in two sizes....and I almost made the smaller one.
I was about to cut out the smaller size... and then remembered how I need a lot of room.
So, the bigger size won.

And look what happens when you reverse it:

It's like a whole new bag!!!!

Peighton told me she liked it so much she wanted
"One to match...only a little smaller Mommy."
Maybe she could carry some of her own stuff if it wasn't too small! ;-)

We're loving it.
Can't wait to try it out when we go on a picnic or to the park!

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