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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

July Bag

I think I am really looking forward to Spring.

I seem to have made another bag that is super springy.

I saw THIS adorable bag pattern and just couldn't help but click "BUY."

It screams WARMER WEATHER, don't you think?

Here is how mine turned out:

It is a great size for a summer bag.
Lots of room for beach or picnic things.
I did a different type of flower on the pocket-I just didn't really care for the one that was included in the pattern.

I ADORE the braided handles and the little squares that attach them!

The inside of mine is a bight pink paisley with a few big pockets.

I do like this that it's done.
But I don't think I will ever be sewing with burlap again!!!
It was super scratchy and made me itch the whole time I was working with it.
You can't cut your piece out of the actual burlap because it won't hold it's shape.
So, that means you have to cut your pieces out of canvas, sew the canvas to a chunk of burlap, then cut around the canvas and THEN you can begin sewing it. 
Too many steps for me!!!!!

I do really like the shape and style of this bag.
If I make it again I will use some regular fabric and I know it'll be just as cute!


  1. I saw this bag awhile back and LOVED it! Was the pattern easy to follow?

  2. The pattern itself was very easy-it was that horrible burlap that I hated! It was scratchy and smelled funny and took too much work for my liking!
    The bag is super cute though and a pretty nice size for summer/beach/pool.