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Monday, April 4, 2011

Teardrop bag

Oh Amy Butler Style Stitches....You had me at hello!

There are just such pretty pictures in this book.
I cannot stay away from it.

I am about to make some adorable "Mommy and Me" bags and I think I found the perfect one in this book.
There are two versions of "The Teardrop bag.'
One big.
One small.
I decided to try out the pattern today in some random fabrics and make sure I like the bag.
I made the bigger version and it turned out really cute.
I like the pleat in the middle and the unique shape of the bag.
Super cute.

I do like the bag but I think the handle is just too long for me.
Definately shortening it next time-great reason to try out a pattern before making the "real" thing!
I also left out some details on the sides.

This is a picture from here .
You can see there are extensions on the sides of the bag.

I did not like this at all from the pictures in the book.
Kind of reminded me of a saddle bag or something.
Like it should have been used on a horse.
Totally not for me.
So, I left it off.

And I like it much better.

So, I have a few changes to make.

Oh and I have to go fabric shopping too!

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