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Friday, April 8, 2011

She found a way to wear dresses 24/7...

We are off on another adventure in this crazy crafty life...but here's what we've been doing this week!

I should have seen this one coming.

Peighton will only wear dresses.


Nothing else will do.

Occasionally I can persuade her to wear a pair of pants for certain things....but as soon as we get home she is off to her closet to find a dress.

Recently, she found some of my old nightgowns that my mom had saved from my childhood.

She LOVES them....but there are only two.

So, Peighton put in her request to "Make me some more."
I was pretty sure I could make that happen. ;-)

I came across THIS nightgown tutorial and it was perfect!
She made it in a size 4T and that's exactly what we needed.

It's super easy and quick to sew.
I used up some random princess knit for my first try on this one.

I love the ruffles on the sleeves.
I had to add a bit of pink to the bottom because I didn't have quite enough of the princess fabric.

It's cute....but the next one will be better.
Maybe a bit more like my "vintage" ones that are getting worn to death.
They are really cute-I should have taken a picture of those for this post!

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  1. We are just coming off a 9 month stretch of "dresses only"...I couldn't even convince Lo to wear skirts! She has gradually started wearing skirts but we are still on our "no pants" kick. I just hope Nojo likes dresses when she is 4 b/c that's all the hand-me-downs she'll have!