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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sometimes I make things up...

This was one of those times!

I had seen this bag:

And I loved the braided handles and the large tote style!
Small details really make a bag look fabulous.
I **almost** clicked "Buy" on the site...
but then I started looking at it and thinking about how many bags I have made over the past few years....and decided I could totally do this without a pattern!

So glad I didn't waste the money on the pattern!
It was super easy to cut the basic shape that I wanted.
The handles are just 3 strips braided together so that was easy too!
I'm sure if I had actually boughten the pattern I would have been mad at how simple of a bag it really was.

I made mine very lightweight so it will be easy to pack.
I think the size of it will make a great pool/beach tote or a tote for day trips!
And it's even reversible!

Love when I can just make something up and it actually turns out cute!


  1. I've been eyeing a bag that looks a lot like that! It turned out great Barbie....maybe I'll be seeing it on you at the end of March :-)