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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DIY Bathtub paint

Winter in Iowa seems to bring out the best of the messy projects for me!
My kids LOVE painting.
And they love bathtime.

Combine the two and you have 2 very happy and messy (and clean) kiddos!

Peighton got some bath paints for Christmas....and quickly used them in one bath session.

I had pinned this recipe on Pinterest and my friend Erin had made some with her kids.
So, we decided to make a batch instead of buying more!

DIY Bath paints recipe
I didn't really measure anything.
I poured about 1/2 a bottle of baby shampoo in a bowl and dumped in some cornstarch.
I divided it into 4 bowls.
I put 2 drops of food coloring into each and we quickly had pink, purple, turquoise and lime green bath paints!

Then we went straight to the tub.
I put them in without water so the paint wouldn't just go into the water.

He usually does not like things on his hands....and didn't love this at first but he got over it!

Peighton went right to work creating a masterpiece!
We also drew letters. numbers and shapes.

I love a messy little boy!!!!!

They had a blast.
Good clean fun at it's best!

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