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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sight words and clothes pins

Once a teacher....always a teacher.

Peighton has been working on sight words at school lately.
She also loves to spell just about any word she can think of.
I am in a 24 hour spelling bee around here.

I saw a version of this on Pinterest but it required a bunch of printing...and we're about out of ink.
So, we just made our own and I think they are pretty cute!
We gathered up a bunch of stickers (good thing we have a LOT of stickers at our house!).
I also dug up some plain note cards and clothes pins.
(love a project that I have all the supplies for!!!!)

I made lots of cute cards with the stickers and the word.
Then I wrote each letter onto the bottom of the clothespin.

Now, Peighton has to spell the word with the clothes pins!

I also did some words that don't have a picture, such as: is, the at, for, of, that, with, etc.
She is working on these sight words at school and I thought it would be good practice to reinforce them at home!

I love that this activity combines letters, words AND fine motor skills!
Peighton tells me it's fun too. ;-)


  1. I love this, I am working with a little boy right now in school who doesn't know how to read (he's 8) and this is going to be SO wonderful to help!! Thanks so much :D

    1. Thats great! And it's inexpensive too! I remember spending a lot of my own money as a teacher to help out my students!