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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Amy Butler + Grey Chevron = :-)

Two of my favorite things:

Amy Butler Bag Patterns
Grey Chevron
Naturally, combining the two of the makes me smile!
I tried out Amy Butler's Field Bag
Super cute.
A little larger than I thought it would be but still very cute.
I did not use the piping because I just don't like it.
I also chose the "tote" version which does not include a zipper.

I made it in my current fave, Chevron.
I LOVE it.

I will definately be making this again and adding the zipper.
It is a LARGE bag though.
I was hoping it would be more of an "everyday" bag but it's just too big.
I think I could easily size it down a bit.
I used it thanksgiving day to put all of our "stuff" in and take to Mom's house.
I had :
Preston's diapers
 nap things,
 extra clothes
 a box of crackers
 a container of batter for our fried cheese curds
and a cheese ball in there with room to spare!
This one's a keeper!


  1. Great bag.Love the fabric.. I have some sitting in my stash waiting to become a bag.

  2. Sharp looking bag! I like it in the gray chevron fabric.

  3. I love that bag! You could fit the kitchen sink in it!