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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Farewell to Fall....and Halloween a little bit late...

It's cold.
To me, that means Fall is almost over and Winter is about to set in.
I really like Fall but it can't last forever!
We have enjoyed the past few weeks of "warm-ish" weather by playing in the leaves one last time, carving pumpkins, making fun Halloween food and of course Trick or Treating!
(If you ask Preston though it's "Licky-Leat.")

He was "sleeping" in the leaves.

Mummy Dogs!
We wrapped breadsticks around cocktail weinies-the kids thought these were fantastic.

No Fall is complete without a few Jack-O-Lanterns!

Trick or Treat time!
My Princess and the Frog duo were adorable.

We went trick or treating with Spiderman too but I think he was off saving the world and was too busy for a picture.
Or he was just being of the two.
Tiana and Spiderman thought they had to race each other to the door because they wanted to be the first to ring the doorbell.

Preston tried to keep up...but his legs are kinda short.
Another wonderful Fall for the Fords.
Can't wait to see what fun Winter brings!

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