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Monday, November 19, 2012

She's FINALLY 6!!!!

Friday, the 16th, Peighton finally turned six years old.
I think the day after she turned five she "couldn't WAIT to be six."
She told me this at least once a week.
She had very specific things she wanted to happen for her birthday this year:
1. Bacon for her birthday breakfast.
(I convinced her to add waffles to the menu too.)
2. Pizza Ranch for dinner on Friday night.
3. A Princess Tiana birthday party so she could wear her dress from Disney again.
Her birthday breakfast-the bacon was cooking while we blew out candles!

Our traditional "bear picture."
We have been doing the bear picture since she was tiny and it is so fun to look at all of them!
This one is at 2 months old.
I have put them into a book on Shutterfly and Peighton loves to look at them and hear stories about herself!

Nellie got a new ice skating outfit!

She was so excited for her birthday party!
She asked me if she "could pose" for this picture.
It must be a princess pose.

It was a bit of a "crock-pot-palooza" that night!

Every party requires a pinata!

I think her most favorite present was a pair of roller skates.
She has worn them almost nonstop!

These crazy hair clips were in the pinata....and she wore every single one of them!!!!!

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