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Thursday, December 1, 2011

He's Back!!!!!

We have been waiting ALL YEAR for "Red the Elf" to come back.
For the past month Peighton has been asking WHERE he is and WHEN he is coming!!!!

Finally, he arrived with a very special suprise for my two monkeys.

He brought a Christmas Breakfast!

He brought "Snow covered Donuts" straight from the North Pole.
There were extra yummy.

He also brought new socks since it's getting cold out-what a thoughtful little guy!

And he brought some fun little toys for them that the elves have been working on!

Red even thought to bring us fun Christmas plates and sparkly cups for our morning treat!

Preston was really into the donuts.

And I guess he's now a big boy because he had no trouble with his new cup!!!!

There were lots of laughs and smiles and a lot a donuts eaten that morning!!!

I know we'll be looking forward to his first appearance again next year!

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