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Monday, December 19, 2011

Colors Book for my Boy!

Take a look at what I made for my little guy!

A COLORS book!

The cover had to have a Tractor of course!

I was sure to include a bit of Cyclone stuff on the Red page!

Preston's favorite color might be green someday with his love of John Deere tractors!

I love this project for SO MANY reasons:

1. I used old T-shirts Dustin was going to throw away for the pages.
(I had to put interfacing onto the backs to give them stability since knits stretch a lot.)
2. The various textures in it are so wonderful for a toddler.
3. Every bit of this came from my scrap box!!!
4. It's a book that Peighton can read to him and she loves to spell things too!
So, she can learn to spell the color words while he learns the colors!

For the binding I made two button holes in each page and tied with ribbons.

This was a SUPER easy project that I know is going to get lots of love!

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