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Monday, January 24, 2011

Vintage pattern LOVE

How much do I love that my mom saved all her sewing patterns from when I was a child?!?!  It is fantastic.  I am having so much fun using them to make things for Peighton. Some require a little bit of updating or altering but nothing too hard.
Most of the only cost a dollar too!  Crazy-I just bought some last week that I think I paid $17! 

Peighton loves it when I tell her that I had an outfit "just like this one!"  Although mine was probably not nearly as cute!

Here are some she gave me this weekend:

 Isn't it fun to see the models!!!!  The girl with the collared shirt on might be my fave-who really thought that fabric was cute enough to put on the cover????

I doubt I will make all of these (some are a bit too dated for me) but some of the pieces are really cute made with the right fabrics and accessories! 
I started with the top left pattern that is a simple jumper.  I am not into the shoulder ruffles so I left them out.
And I used one of Peighton's current favorite things...zebra print!
Here is what we came up with:

I think it needs a funky flower pinned onto one side or the other but it turned out really cute. 
Peighton is currently in a "I only wear dresses" mode so it's fun to give her lots of different options.
I am seeing her wear this one with some bright leggings and her adorable pink cowgirl boots!

I think I'll let her pick which one I make next! Stay tuned...she'll probably have me make some weird pant suit or something!

Peighton just could not wait to wear it to school today.  So she chose pink leggings and t-shirt to go with it. I will have to work on getting a flower on it later!

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  1. So cute B! It definitely needs a hot pink flower pin!