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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Afternoon fun

I will admit that afternoons can get a little crazy around here. 
Naps are over, the big one is hungry and bored and needs something fun to do, the little one is usually hungry and bored and has probably pooped himself.  Good times.

We decided on Smores for a snack today.

Then we needed something to do...
So, today we decided to make something messy.  Our favorite kind of activity! 
I saved a lot of my books from teaching and they are coming in quite handy now that Peighton has reached the "Preschool stage."
One book is called "Glues, Brews and Goos."  Right up our alley.

This one is super easy:

Mix equal parts shaving cream and glue with the  mixer for a couple minutes. 

We used a few of my jumbo box of craft sticks to do the spreading. Peighton is not always into having things like this on her hands.  Craft sticks are great.

She was loving it...and ended up with it all over her shirt.

This one was busy learning how to feed himself Gerber Puffs.

He was quite pleased that he could do it himself!

And while they were happily doing thier thing I got to make dinner!  We're having Creamy ham and egg casserole and an Apple Puff Pancake tonight!  Breakfast for dinner-Peighton's favorite!


  1. Your blog is SO cute!! And your kids...they are precious.

  2. Thanks Maria!!!! I LOVE reading your blog! THe book you are making for Elizabeth is just fabulous.