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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Mini Picasso

Today's activity was making shampoo paint and then painting beautiful pictures with it!  Peighton loves any chance to paint. She would literally paint all day if I let her.  She is currently taking a painting class at our local rec center and LOVES it!  She comes home covered in paint (last week I found paint in her ear...) but I guess that just means she was using every ounce of creativity she possesses. 

The recipe was super easy and Peighton was able to do most of it.  The teacher in me loves the math lessons that are worked in when we have to measure things! 

Shampoo Paint Recipe

3 t. shampoo (we used wild watermelon shampoo!)
small amount of water (not sure how much we really used, I just started with a few teaspoons at a time.)
kitchen mixer
food coloring

Whip the shampoo and the water until it is foamy. 

This was really fun and we will for sure be doing this again.  It made a great activity for a cold winter day in Iowa.  

It was a lovely foamy texture and our kitchen smelled very watermelon-y!

This is where Mr. Preston decided he needed to be during our painting time!  I'm sure he is going to be in on the action in no time!

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