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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fabric Sticker Book

Peighton has a serious love for stickers.  LOVES them. 

She also adores "reading" to her brother but gets frustrated when she doesn't know all of the words.  Well, you're 4 and there's just not a lot of words you know yet!

I came across this tutorial.  Looked super easy and quick so we tried it.

I cut mine about the same as hers (10" x 4") and it worked out well with the size of laminating sheets I bought. My Joanns did not have the laminating sheets required but I did find them at Staples. 
I also bought some small laminating sheets to make some "mini books." 

I will admit that hers looks much neater than mine does, but thankfully, 4 year olds don't judge!!!!

It only took about 10 minutes start to finish. 

Peighton went right to work creating her first story book.  Princesses, dogs and maybe some ducks went into this one.

Then of course she read it to got quite interesting.

This one, he's just happy to be hanging with the girls today.

Looks like someone needs to fold laundry....hope they get that done today too!

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