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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lots of "Firsts" around here

Peighton started FIRST GRADE a few weeks ago!
She was SUPER excited to be at school again.
There was an ice cream social the night before school started.
Preston asked if there would be an ice cream social every night....;)
Peighton loves that in first grade "You have a DESK."
It's a big deal when you're six.
(In Kindergarten there were only tables.)
And "You don't have to share stuff, you know, you have your own supplies."
But in first grade you only have a snack if it's someone's birthday.
She cracks me up!
I love hearing the things she comes home and tells me.

The annual first day picture!

Bubba was not overly excited to put her on the bus that morning.
He loves his "Issy."
And one more "First:"

Preston has eagerly been waiting for the day that he got to go to "school."
He has had his backpack ready for weeks now.
He is going to the same wonderful lady that Peighton went to for a few years.
We call it "Miss Angela's."
Peighton has been telling him for awhile about all the projects he will do, and snack time, and playing on her playset.
He was very excited to finally go!

(Preston needs to work on his picture taking skills!!!!!)
He had a great time and can't wait to go back next week.
When I got there to pick him up I wasn't surprised to find him in the sandbox with an excavator working hard!
When we got home he said, "SHOOT. I forgot to do project today!"
He was so excited to tell Peighton all about his day when she got off the bus.

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