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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

State Fair 2013 F-U-N!!!!!!

We spent a second weekend at the Great Iowa State Fair and had lots more fun!
Peighton and Preston LOVE these cutouts.
I think I have enough picture of them sticking their heads through them.

I REALLY wanted to milk a cow.
So we did!

Her name was "Mexico."
The kids both refused to help I did it by myself.
At least they petted her though!
Preston says he will do it next year.

Another round of Little hands on the farm!

The DNR area had some really fun activities.
One day they learned to paddle a canoe and another day there was a fishing game!

When Preston sees a train we HAVE to ride it!

Peighton was a little big...but she rode it anyway.

Isn't he cute!!!!

Future  Cowgirl Queen right there.

How many hands tall are you?
Peighton is about 12 and Preston 9 1/2.
We'll have to check again next year!

Grandma Sue might have earned "Grandma of the Year" award.
Peighton convinced her to go down the Giant Slide.
She was a bit nervous about the climb up.

And they're off!

Pretty sure Grandma would have liked to turn around right about here but there was no stopping!!!!

Peighton was kind enough to check on her poor Grandma at the bottom!
They both survived and Peighton loved that Grandma went with her!

We love the big animals.

Peighton and Preston both got to spray water in the big boar's mouth.

Preston LOVED it and is still talking about it!
What a fun experience at the fair!!!!

He was VERY serious about this job.

One more time at Little Hands on the Farm!

Always fun with cousins!

Preston is getting good at milking "Bessie."

We ran into the State Fair ribbons!

Fishing at the DNR area.

Preston was VERY into this!

Climbing on the tractors is a "Must-do" for Bubba.

EVERYONE needed a nap!

A little more cousin time in the cattle barn!

One of Preston's favorite things is digging in the (mostly) clean wood shavings with tractors!
Another great year at the State fair!
We can't wait until next year!!!!

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