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Friday, August 9, 2013

Storing it up for the Winter

We're like a bunch of squirrels hiding nuts for the winter!

We've done a couple rounds of
sweet corn
Peighton and Preston LOVED helping pick the apples.
They really liked when Grandma and I were at the top of the tree picking apples from the bucket of the tractor.
Grandpa put us up in the tree and then they would go off on a Gator ride with him!!!!
They left us multiple times!
One of the many boxes of apples we made into:
and apple jelly
and apple monkey bread
and apple waffles....

This was about halfway through our load of corn.
I should have taken a picture when we started!
Preston is a GREAT helper at shucking corn!
Peighton....I think she may have done ONE ear and then quit.

Later that day (when I was in the kitchen with the corn) I found them both in Peighton's room.
She was reading a story to Preston that she had written.
I snuck a picture of them while they were actually getting along!!!!
She loves to read and Preston is usually happy to listen.
We are going to take a short break from storing out nuts for the winter-we are off to the Great Iowa State Fair today!
But when we get back there are going to be tomatoes waiting for me and lots of jalapenos!!!!!

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