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Monday, August 12, 2013

"Nothing Compares" to the Iowa State Fair!

The theme of the fair this year is "Nothing Compares."
We agree, there is absolutely NOTHING that compares to the Great Iowa State Fair!

Dustin and I have been to State Fairs in North Carolina, Indiana and Nebraska and they do not even come close to the one here in Iowa.
Dustin had a meeting at the fair this weekend so we rode along and spent a couple days there.
Peighton and Preston like the first weekend of the fair because "Those Heiller Girls" have pigs at the fair!

We spent a bit of time playing with Mary's pigs.

Preston likes a clean pig and needed to brush all the sawdust off her.

They REALLY liked spraying them with water.

Can you believe I used to babysit this girl!!!!!
It is so fun to see her with my own kids now.

On the top of Peighton's "to-do list" is the Giant Slide.

Preston HATED it last year.
He must have forgotten that though and was sure he wanted to do it with Peighton and Dustin.
I share his hatred for the slide and will not be going down it ever again.
Let's take a look at how it played out this year:

Looks to me like he is clinging to Dustin in this picture...

Peighton could hardly wait to get down it-she LOVES it.

Preston looks to be doing ok in this picture.
Peighton is obviously a pro.

And here is Preston's "OH SH**" moment.
He was screaming by the time they got to the bottom.
He claims he is going to do it again next weekend.
Pretty sure the results will be the same...

We caught a bit of The Nadas concert Friday evening.
Preston is so happy with just a pile of dirt and a stick.

We started Saturday morning with a trip to "Little Hands on the Farm," another of our faves.

We love the Pioneer visors they gave out this year!
Peighton wore hers the rest of the day.

Any sort of head cut-out is a must-do for us...

The statues this year are ribbons and they are so cute!
We loved the cow one!

I love seeing the fair through Peighton and Preston's eyes.
We stopped and watched the baby ducks for awhile.
They were adorable.

Yet another cut-out. ;-)

This one is our favorite ribbons!
Go Cyclones!
We can't wait for more fun adventures next week at the fair!

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