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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Apple Monkey Bread

My buddies and I have had A LOT of apples the past few weeks.
We have filled the freezer with
chunky applesauce
apple waffles
apple pumpkin waffles
and apple muffins.
But there were STILL MORE APPLES!!!!!!
So we came up with a fun snack they got to help make!
We decided to make Monkey Bread and throw in a bunch of apples chunks.
They were so excited I let them use a (plastic) knife to cut the biscuits.

We didn't really have a recipe.
We threw layers of biscuits, cinnamon and sugar, a little melted butter and chunks of apples into a bread pan.
It was a very yummy snack!!!!!
And yet there are STILL MORE APPLES!!!!!
Time to find more recipes!

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