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Friday, September 13, 2013

Picking Corn with Grandpa

Preston got his first combine ride of the year yesterday.
He couldn't have been more excited when Grandpa called!
When I hung up the phone he immediately told me, "You not going. There not "Woom" for you, Mommy."
I'm ok with that though...I always had to sit on the cooler anyway!
Watching the combines, waiting to be picked up.

He also climbed all the way up by himself this year.

Bubba and his Grandpa ready to go!

And they're off.
Preston told me he likes it when they can see Matt in the other combine..."It's like we racin'!"

He also loves it when they dump on the go.
He does it the same way when he's playing tractors at home-his combine never stops!

If you look close, you can see him in his "Bubba Seat."

This is what Preston really likes.
All of them in a row going at the same time.

He rode most of the morning with Grandpa.
He ate all of his snacks that he packed while he was in there!
He can't wait until Grandpa calls again!

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