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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Little Hands on the Farm, Hot Wheel Races, and the Big Giant slide!

A trip through Little Hands on the Farm is a must for this crew.
They find it necessary to stick their heads through the pictures every time they see them.

He's a pro at the "drive the tractor, feed the cows" station.

Happy little farmers.

Milking Bessie.
Preston broke one of her teats off...oops.

Everyone chose a snack with the money they earned!

We always find Fairfield and Rosetta for a quick picture!

We had an unhappy corndog for this picture.

We love to make a stop at the petting zoo.
Peighton liked the little buffalo.

So neat to feed a zebra!

Preston wanted to feed the goat "a little" of his feed.
The goat took the whole thing AND the cup too!

We tried out the Big Wheel races this year.

All business.


Peighton took home first place.

Preston came in at fourth.
They were all happy they got a ribbon!

We had to practice how we would go down the big giant slide.

This might be my favorite picture from the entire fair.

Preston decided he would go this year but only if he could ride with Dustin.

Hayden wanted to ride with Peighton.


Hayden looked a bit scared about halfway down.

They all loved it and Preston says he is doing it again!

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