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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cows and Pigs, State Fair Style.

We've always had some of our cattle at the State Fair.
This was the first year that Peighton and Preston had their own livestock at the fair!
Peighton took her heifer, Elsa.
When did she get old enough to own and show her own heifer!?!?!

Peighton, Elsa, and her brand new zebra show stick.

I tried to convince Peighton she could show Elsa on her own, but she insisted she needed Dustin in the ring with her.
He didn't do a thing but I know he gave her a lot of confidence just by being there.

These two make a great pair.

She ended up with a third place ribbon, not bad for their first time out.

They both did a great job.

She was worried about how she was going to hold onto the ribbon, Elsa and her showstick but she did just fine.

The next day was our final show with Tootsie Roll and Cookie.


Peighton did a great job, as always.
She was second in her class.

We were super happy Cookie made weight!
He came in 2 pounds under the maximum weight.

Preston is so fun to watch.
He's going to be great showman in a few years.

I love that he stuck his ribbon in his back pocket!!!!!
Another great time making memories at the State Fair.

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