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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Fun at the Fair-the only FUN of it's kind!

Washington County Fair 2015 was another super fun week!
The weather could not have been any better.
We took advantage of the great weather and spent most of the week there!
We made a stop at the Depot and took time for a quick picture.

They all love to sit on any type of equipment.
All agree that one of these would be great at the farm!

We entered the tall corn contest.

Hayden was the big winner!

I LOVE when they walk in a line!
Makes a cute picture!

This year there was a large animal contest!
We were lucky enough to get to see the largest rabbit up close and personal!
We chased him around for quite awhile.

We also met "Hef" the big bull!
We can't wait to cheer him on at the state fair!

We took the camper in this year and had a great time camping at the fair.

This kid would live in the camper if we let him!

Lego Land was a new addition this year and a BIG hit with my crew!

Annual picture in front of the sign!
Pretty soon we'll be adding animals to our yearly picture.

More equipment.
They liked that there was a front and a back on this one.

Another favorite place is the corn pit.

Peighton had two awesome clover kid projects on display this year!

Oreo Stacking!

He made a great stack but it ended up falling down!

Peighton is a professional oreo stacker.

Pony rides on Kid's Day are a must do.
Although I wonder how much longer she'll be able  to ride the small ponies with those long legs of hers!

Loved it.

Grandpa Steve thought we should do the money scramble.

The little kid group was pretty tame.

Peighton's age group was pretty aggressive!

Pedal pulling is better when you stick your tongue out.

Peighton had to ride the big tractor this year.
And I think there was more weight on it too!

We waited all week to ride the train with Ryker!
Everyone enjoyed the ride!

I tried to get them to all hold hands but it didn't work out!

Almost all of Grandma and Grandpa's little ones!
They all had fun at the fair!

Everyone wanted to ride!
We had a great week at the fair!
Next up the STATE FAIR!!!!

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