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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Annual Adventureland trip!

We always take a one day break from the fair to do Adventureland!
The kids look forward to it all year!
Grandma Sue came along and did the teacups with the girls.

They are barely tall enough to see over the top!

Everybody loves a good ladybug ride!

So glad I didn't have to climb in there with them this year!

Happy purple boat riders!

Everyone was tall enough for the Frog Hopper this year!

Happy screams!

We all love the carousel!

Except for Dustin.
He does this one from the side.

Bumper cars are always a hit!

He's going to be sad when he's too big to get in the Semi's!

Peighton had to take a backseat...her legs are a bit too long to sit up front!

It was a great day at Adventure land!

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