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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ziplining and a quick stop at the liquor store

Our next adventure was ziplining!
Two of our members do not like heights...but they were sure they wanted to zipline across a couple mountains!
I had done it before so the height didn't bother was just launching off the side of a mountain that made me a bit nervous.
I hadn't really thought about this part but we had to hike up the side of the mountain to get to the ziplines!
The hike may have been worst part!!!
It was like a neverending trail of recycled tires.

We also had to cross a rope bridge.

One of the many  breaks we took on the way up...our guide, Wally, was maybe slightly out of shape!
The longest zipline was about 1/2 a mile across if I remember correctly.
It was awesome!
I think Dustin even went first on that one!!!!!

This picture is actually after we are all done!
Dustin had the camera again.
I have learned that when Dustin wants to "take pictures" he really means he will take about 15 videos!!!!!
So there are no still pictures of ziplining.
We had a great time though and we all survived.
Dustin even said he would do it again!

Part of our day of ziplining was eating pizza afterwards.
But it wasn't any ordinary pizza!
It was  baked in a stone oven and was fabulous!

The kitchen was all open...there were even a few chickens running around!

After our feast of pizza the boys decided they needed to buy a few bottles of their favorite tequila to take home.
The liquor store had bars across the front of it. ;-)
Good thing we had Antonio with us to order the right kind of tequila!

4 bottles of tequila later and we were on our way back to the villa!

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