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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tequila and 4 wheeling!

By Monday of our trip to Manzanillo we had all had enough of laying in the sun reading our books.
It was time for an adventure!
We chose to go 4 wheeling through the jungle/forest and on the beach.
It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!
I don't have any pictures but an added bonus to our 4 wheeler trip was learning how tequila is made.
It takes EIGHT YEARS to grow an agave plant!
Who knew!
Look how CLEAN we are!

The handerchief was a MUST.

The boys had a great time.

We stopped along the beach where there were tracks to go up and down.
I did it once and quit-I didn't like it.
Erin got stuck going up the first time so she quit too!!!
Then we had fun watching Dustin and Matt pretend they were professionals!

The whole day was just so much fun.


Dustin had the camera most of the time so there are lots of pictures of my back side-good thing I wore a cute Cyclone shirt!
He even took a bunch of video while he was riding.
I tried to upload one but it wasn't working.

When we got back we were FILTHY.
It was so worth it though!
Dustin and I will for sure be doing this again on another trip!

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