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Monday, April 8, 2013

Manzanillo Mexico #1

We had such a great trip to Manzanillo Mexico!
I don't even know where to start.
It's going to take me a few posts to share all our pictures!
We stayed at the Villa Paraiso, a 12,000 sq ft open air villa.
It was in a private, gated community within Colima, Mexico.
Our view of the sunset each night was amazing.

Most nights I watched it from one of the bar stools in this picture!
This was under the "Palapa."
It was a huge open air hut with lots of comfy places to sit, lay or eat guacamole!

The blooming flowers were a very welcome sight since we had left cold, snowy Iowa!

Dustin spent a lot of time in the hammock....he might have permanent hammock marks!

More bright flowers!

Another wonderful sunset.

We had our driver, Antonio, take us "to town" one day.
We stopped in both Santiago and Manzanillo.
Antonio knew some great places to take us, like to see a bunch of giant iguanas!

While we were walking around Dustin found a meat market.
Of course we needed a picture!


I tried to take pictures of the actual villa but it was so big it was quite hard to capture what it really looks like.
This was one of the 3 pools which overlooks the palapa.

Dustin found a new favorite drink..."Sangrita."
One shot glass had tequila in it, the other had something kind of like a Bloody Mary mixture.
The proper way to drink it is with a shot glass of each which looks really cute but I didn't like it.
I stuck mostly to margaritas and Coronas!

Another view of the palapa.
The back corner is the bar where we spent a lot of time chatting, drinking and playing games!
We took along Farkle as well as Euchre and played almost every night.
We switched partners too much to know who the real winner of the week was...but I'm going to say it was Erin and me!!!!!

This pool was deep enough to swim in or float.
We mostly floated.
When I showed Peighton this picture she was impressed that they had "pool toys" for us!

One of the best parts was the awesome guacamole and roasted salsa EVERY DAY!!!!!!
The rest of the food was great but the guacamole was fabulous.

I was standing at the bar taking this picture.
These were our rooms that also had a fabulous view!
I will share more in another post!
We rode 4-wheelers through the jungle as well as the beach, went ziplining and just had FUN!

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