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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Coconuts, the beach and more guacamole in Manzanillo

We sat at the bar one afternoon and watched a guy prune the coconut tree.
It was quite interesting.
We had all sorts of questions!
When he was done, he brought a few in for us to taste.

The house manager of the Villa was kind enough to prepare them for us.
He made a drink out of the coconut water and we also ate some of the meat.
It was good but not at all what I expected!

Nestor, preparing our coconuts while answering about 100 questions about coconuts!

When not drinking tequila, Dustin usually had a Corona or Pacifica in his hand!

One of the days we were there, the staff prepared lunch on the beach for us.
When Dustin and I lived in North Carolina and I prepared a lunch to take with us to the beach it was usually sandwiches, fruit, a bag of chips and drinks.
This was FAR more than just "lunch on the beach!!!!!"
They grilled AMAZING chicken and shrimp kabobs, rice, beans, a corn sauce that was fabulous, and of course guacamole and salsa!!!!!
AND they brought the blender to the beach so we could have margaritas!
Of course we needed sombreros for our feast!
The weather was perfect at the beach that day, we all read our books, played a little Farkle, and did  A LOT of people watching!


More guacamole!!!!!


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