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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Road Trip Clips = Genius!!!!!

Awhile back, I saw a cute idea for some "Road Trip Clips" HERE.
I filed it away thinking someday that might be useful.

Well, this weekend our "someday" came!

If I would have thought about it just a bit sooner, we would have had WAY cuter ones...but at 10:00 the night before we left for our little roadtrip, I wasn't into making fancy ones like these:

I just busted out the stickers and some clothes pins and made them in about 5 seconds!
Peighton got Snow White and Preston got Boots the monkey!
The kids thought they were fantastic.

I laid out the rules for Peighton as we pulled out of the driveway.
If she was not being nice to Preston, threw a toy, whined, etc her clip came down.
But if it stayed up then she would be allowed to pick a small treat at the next stop.

The girl is all about treats...she was all in.

And it worked GREAT!!!!
I only had to remind her once that her clip could come down and she made a better choice.

At times, there's a lot of whining in our car.
But I'm thinking our new little clips might help make the whinies happen a bit less on trips!

Such a simple thing but made such a BIG difference!
I think I'll make some cuter ones for our next trip though!!!!

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