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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Peighton's First Driving lesson...

This is where Preston spent the afternoon:

Glued to the window watching Grandpa rake the hay.

When he was done, Preston got a long tractor ride over to Grandma's house.

Which left Peighton a bit sad since there was only room for one extra in the tractor.

Her consolation prize...Grandpa told her he would bring the Gator over and let her drive!

It's a good thing there was LOTS  of space!

And if you look close you can see that she dressed up for the occasion with her turquoise hair flower and dress...

She did really well.
Although from the deck I could hear a few "SLOW DOWNS" from Grandpa!

Preston waited patiently for his ride and played in the sandbox.

And we walked out to see one of the "BEEEEG" bales.

He told us that the "Mer's" were going to eat it.
( A "Mer" is a know, because they go Moo.)

Another fun summer night!

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