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Friday, November 11, 2011

Lots and lots of LETTERS!

Peighton is LOVING Pre-k.
She comes home each day just bursting with all she needs to tell me and what she has learned that day.
I love it.

The former teacher in me wants to reinforce what she is doing at school with activities and projects at home too.
Right now she is obsessed with letters and spelling.
I feel like I am in a spelling bee most days.
We spell during breakfast, while brushing teeth, in the car, in the grocery store, at Target, in the car some more, while we play, during bedtime....seriously a 24 hour spelling bee around here.

I've been working on a "Letter Box."
I saw the idea on Pinterest while I was browsing one night.
Such a great idea!

All I had to do was cut apart all the letters on cereal boxes, granola bars, pasta boxes-the list goes on and on!
Basically anything that used to go straight to my recylcing box now gets cut apart first and THEN goes to the recycling!

Here's some of our letter stash:

There are just so many wonderful things to be done with a bunch of letters that are all different!
We have:
sorted them into capital and lowercase letters,
spelled simple words,
sorted them into colors of letters,
sorted into "big" and "small,"
spelled some more words,
spelled her name,
tried to put them in alphabetical order (but we don't quite have all the letters),
and sometimes Peighton just makes up her own games.

This has been a great activity for us!
I love that it was a FREE thing to make and we used something that was going to be put in the trash!

Love it!

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