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Thursday, October 20, 2011

What a fun fall week!

The weather has gotten COLD this week here in Iowa!

Which means lots of falling leaves and pumpkins and combine rides!

We love Fall!

Here's some fun from our week:

My  mom spent lots of time raking and raking so Peighton and Preston could have some fun!
Peighton jumped right into the leaves with lots of giggles!

Preston was not quite as quick to jump in and watched his big sis for a bit.

 It didn't take long for him to get in there though!
Even Zoe liked the leaves.

After he got in, of course he didn't want to get out!
He just made a little nest and rolled around for awhile.

There were a few times he may or may not have been buried in the leaves and had to be rescued...

That afternoon we moved onto pumpkin carving.
Preston was weight lifting here.

And Mac thought he had to help too.

Preston was quite a good little pumpkin carver!

Such a great day with lots of Fall fun!
Long after the leaves blow away the giggles and laughter of this day will be remembered.

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