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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Scrappy little MoNsTeRs!

My scrap bin looks like this:

Ok, usually it's IN the bin inside a cupboard...
but two little monkeys were "helping" me organize some things and this is what happened.
I saw THIS POST on
Pinterest and knew we NEEDED some happy little monsters in our life!

And the best part is that there is absolutely no pattern needed for this guy!
Just start cutting and each one will be unique and adorable.

I started with a rectangle and later rounded it off for the head part.

I made a pocket at his belly-I think my little man is going to stick his pacis in it for safe keeping!

Once again, I used ribbons for the ears, arms and legs-SO MUCH faster and Preston likes chewing on the tags.

Here is our happy little monster family:

I have a craft show coming up this weekend and I think these will be gone pretty quickly...they are just so ugly that they're cute!

I thought about using buttons for the eyes, but since they are meant for babies I just sewed some shapes on instead and used my zig zag stitch to make an eye.
Peighton's might get buttons but she is much older!

Another GREAT baby gift!!!!
I think I'll be making more of these!

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