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Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's "Mickey-palooza" around here!

Even though it's months away we are already getting excited and preparing for our upcoming trip to meet Mickey, Minnie, and the gang and most importantly....Cinderella!

I've been dreaming up all sorts of outfits for my two little munchkins to wear...and coordinate...maybe everyday that we're there...

We've started with our basic Mickey attire.

I have no idea why it's upside down and it won't go any other way!!!!!
Maybe stand on your head and it will look right. ;-)

Anyway, I used a basic madras plaid for Preston's shorts and used my embroidery machine for the Mickey head.
Normally, I would also add Preston's name to the shirt with  my machine BUT, I do not EVER put their names on shirts, bags, etc when I know we are going to wear them in a very public, busy place like Disneyworld.
(It would be super easy for a stranger to convince a small child that they are their friend simply by reading the name on their shirt and could take them in an instant.
So, even though it's cuter, I will  not be adding thier full names to anything for this trip.
I may do some monogramming but that's it.)

And the added bonus of this outfit...
Miss Peighton already has a really cute dress in her closet made from this same plaid fabric!
I am going to add some Minnie mouses to her dress and we have matching outfits #1!

 Peighton and I both LOVE this one:

I made some capri ruffle pants from the hot pink and black polka dot knit-she LOVES them.
Wants to wear them NOW even though it's 55 degrees out.
Then I used an old T-shirt of mine that had those nice pin tuck things at the bottom and made a shirt to match!
Super cute.
I used the scraps from the pants to trim the sleeves and neck of the shirt and then made a giant Minnie mouse of course.

Don't worry, Preston will not be coordinating with the hot pink and black polka dots.
I have some fabulous camo knit in mind for him.

That's all I have done for now....good thing I have a few months left to finish the rest of the trips attire!
I have Minnie mouse skirts in mind, a pink polka dot peasant dress and LOTS of embroidery designs to choose from!
We can't wait to go to Cinderella's castle!

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  1. Barbie, you are amazing. I love the outfits. Your kids will be the cutest walking around Disney.