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Monday, January 27, 2014

We FINALLY built a snowman!!!!! (Obviously a few weeks ago!)

School was canceled today because of the bitter windchills...but it's fun too look at these pictures from a few weeks ago.
It has been so windy here we hardly have any snow left.
But I'm sure we'll get more soon!

Preston has been DYING to build a snowman!
But every time it snowed it just wasn't the right kind of snow.
We finally made a small one while Dustin was washing the bulls last weekend.
They both love their face masks-Preston pulls his up over his face and pretends to be a ninja.
It's pretty funny.

They both got snow paint for Christmas and we busted that out as well.
The red is not such a great looked like someone died in the front yard...

And Peighton's favorite activity in the snow is going down the pile of snow.

Preston struggles to actually get up on top of it!

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