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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow day FUN

Monday was too cold to go to school.
Preston was VERY excited to have Peighton spend the day with him!
There is a closet in our house that is FULL of art and craft supplies, games, special one point we had almost the ENTIRE closet empty!
I should have taken a picture of that-it was a big mess in the living room!
They were having so much fun though.
We happened to find a stash of glow sticks in there too!
We decided to fill the bath tub and add the glow sticks along with all sorts of other toys.
They had a lovely time in the dark!!!!
Lots of giggles and laughing.
Anytime Preston can shuck a few layers of clothes he is a happy boy!

It kept them entertained for quite awhile!

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