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Thursday, January 9, 2014


These two had a GREAT Christmas.
Each year they get more and more fun!

We did a few pictures while we were waiting for Dustin to get done with chores.


Pretty sure somebody tooted here...

Not sure what evil he is planning here.

Preston made me a present at school this year.
He was SO EXCITED for me to open it!
Cutest thing ever.

Every boy needs a hunting blind!

Peighton got so many awesome things for Nellie!

One of his favorite things are his new Cars slippers.
He has worn them NON-STOP.

They are so cute when they actually get along!

Oh and Cars gloves....he loves those too.

Just a boy and his chain saw....

Ready for Christmas at Grandma's house!

Santa came through with a GIANT bouncy house.
They spent most of the day in there the day after Christmas.
And yes, I have tried it out-SUPER FUN!!!!


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