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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

He needed a new sandbox...

We had a tiny plastic turtle sandbox that we bought a few years ago for Peighton.
It was clearly not big enough for this boy.
So, Daddy built a new one and there's plenty of room for anything he might need to do in there and lots of room for friends too!

Grandpa ordered a dumptruck of sand to fill it for us....I think we might have enough. ;-)

He was so excited to climb up to the top of the mountain of sand!!!!!

We had A LOT of sand.
Dustin had to move some to the cattle and put some in a pile in the driveway.
There were a couple of TONS too many in that dump truck!

He has Daddy's old tractors for all the farming he has to do in there.

He LOVES it!
We have spent a lot of time out there.
He is one happy boy.

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