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Friday, July 5, 2013

Adventureland, Omaha Zoo and THE TRAIN!!!!!!

Last week, we took a quick trip to Des Moines and Omaha.
Adventureland is currently a "Must do" for Peighton in the summer.
They see the commercials ALL THE TIME.
Peighton would start hopping up and down when she saw it and heard the song....Preston didn't really know what he was getting excited for but he still got excited!
Our first stop on our little road trip was Adventureland.
The teacups are good...but not as good as the ones at Disney.
Peighton made sure she pointed that out to me.
We did get Dustin on them the second time...but he said never again!

Preston remembered the semi trucks from last year!

The next day we got up and hit the road for Omaha.
Peighton is an AWESOME traveler.
We hardly heard anything out of her most of the trip.
She had her own movie player, some snacks and her princesses.

This one, on the other hand, is the complete opposite.
Normally, he's a very content kid as long as he has his tractors.
He is such a needy little thing in the car.
He needs a new movie about every 10 minutes, a snack about as often and he throws his tractors on the floor so no one can reach them!
Oh and he insisted on headphones, like "Issy," but he doesn't keep them on his head!!!!

But the Omaha Zoo was completely worth the trip!
They loved seeing all the fish.

The butterfly building was really fun.
They got so excited when they spotted one!

Preston doesn't really hold still...

We did A LOT of inside stuff at the zoo because it rained most of the morning.
But we still had a great time!
I think Preston was worn out....he slept most of the way back to Des Moines!!!!!!!
The next day we went on to Boone to ride the Boone Scenic Valley Railroad.
Preston is LOVING trains right now.

We had a picnic and played on one of the old train cars outside.

I'm not sure why his tongue is always out lately...

The train was really fun.
Preston did sleep through part of it but he REALLY needed a nap and was much happier when he woke up for the rest of the ride!
We had a great little road trip and the kids had lots of fun!

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