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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cabela's, Friends, IKEA and Mall of America!

We spent a few days at home after our trip to Des Moines and Omaha and then we hit the road again!
Dustin was headed to Minnesota (and staying right across from the Mall of America!!!) and asked if we wanted to go along.
Of course we said yes.
For this trip we left after lunch and Preston slept part of the way!!!!
That was really nice. ;-)
Dustin had to be on a conference call and didn't want to listen to the noise coming from the back he dropped us off at Cabela's.
Not really my favorite place but we did end up having fun!
Peighton and Preston liked looking at all of the animals.
Peighton told me these animals were much easier to find than some of the animals at the Omaha zoo...

Nellie enjoyed her time at cabela's as well.

I have to admit it was pretty cool seeing the elephant and other big animals up close.

After we had been through all the animals (more than once) I wanted to check out the shoes.
The kids found a very fun rock wall to climb on.
This kept them busy for quite awhile!

After an hour and a half Dustin FINALLY came back in to get us and we headed the rest of the way!
We got to spend Tuesday with some of our favorite friends who are back from Malaysia for the summer!
What a fun day we had swimming, eating, and catching up!
Peighton loved the diving board.

Then the girls got creative and made their own slide.

The slide was quite popular!

Preston was a bit overwhelmed by all the girls and finally chose to hang out with Justin for a bit and talk tractors.
Out of the 9 kids there, only 2 of them were boys!

We had yummy pizza by the pool!

These two were born only days apart when we all lived in Indy down the street from each other.
They have turned into awesome little girls!

Then we were off to IKEA and the Mall of America.
We had to swing by the hotel to get Nellie-she couldn't be left out!

Peighton was nice enough to ride a few "baby rides" with Preston so I didn't have to squish in there!!!!!!

We even found some more semi trucks!

That night Daddy joined us after his meetings and we did a few more rides and a little more shopping.

They both loved the Swiper ride.
Preston kept yelling "Wiper no wiping!!!!" Just like in Dora!
We had lots of fun!


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