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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fun at the Wisconsin Dells 2012

We took a short weekend trip to the Wisconsin Dells and had lots of fun!

It was a long walk to some of the water parks.
Holding hands helped a few times!

They loved the deer park!

She was shouting words of encouragement to preston here...

Preston had quite a few followers throughout the park...he was loaded with "Nacks" at all times.

He liked the little ones the best.

Peighton remembered the go-carts from last year and of course we had to do them again!

Dustin got a turn on the mini carts because there was no one else to race against peighton!

Everybody ready to go!

She squealed the whole time....and leaned over at one point and told me "this is what I do on the waterslides!!!!!"

Racing daddy.

Preston liked the Wisconsin Ducks ride!

Preston made himself at home on the mini golf course and tried out the dinosaur eggs...

We tried very hard to pose these wasn't going so well at this point.

But then they decided they liked each other!

Lots of water park fun!

They all enjoyed the wave pool a few times.

Preston loved climbing on all the stuff in the kiddie areas.

Dana and Carson!

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