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Friday, July 20, 2012

Fair 2012

My kids love the fair.
Peighton would have spent a whole lot more time there this year had it not been so hot.
So, we spent a lot of evenings at the fair when it was maybe 2 degrees cooler!

Even though it was hot we still managed to have a lot of fun!

Getting ready for the oreo stacking contest...she must have been thinking about her strategy here.

He was happy he got a sucker.

She was a very determined oreo stacker!
She ended up with 3rd place.

We hit all the "kids day" activites too.

Preston is still working on his hula hooping skills.

I think they had the most fun in the horse barn throwing bits into a bucket,

and throwing halters from a saddle!

He was loving sitting in the saddle.

Deep in thought again before the money scramble...

Preston was just glad he wasn't left out this time!

Preston had been digging in the sawdust all week...maybe he was practicing for the money scramble?

Peighton did awesome at the money scramble!
And it always helps when Grandpa is running it!!!

My future 4-Hers!

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