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Sunday, May 13, 2012

A little Night Fishin'

One of the kids favorite things to do is walk down to the pond in our neighborhood and catch fish with thier daddy!
Peighton has a pink Barbie fishing pole, of course.

We still need to get one for Preston...he doesn't seem to mind using the Barbie one for now!

Peighton is working on casting it herself...I try to stand very far out of the way as she learns this skill.

Waiting for the big whopper to take the bait.

Reeling him in!

Peighton loves it just as much as Preston!

This picture says it all:
One tiny little fish.
One happy Daddy.
One very proud Peighton.
And one nervous little Preston-he would not take his eyes off that fish!

I don't do much on these little fishing trips-I am not fond of slimy worms or slimy fish.
So, I capture moments like these and watch my babies grow and learn.
And I try to keep Preston from falling in the pond maybe my job is the most important of all!

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