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Monday, July 25, 2011


To say that July was eventful is a bit of an understatement...

We started out the month with a weekend trip to the Wisconsin Dells.

We swam,

 We mini-golfed in 3-D,

Preston played with Bud Light Lime...

And he entertained us on the way home with wrapping his paci clip around his leg and THEN getting it to his mouth! 

Of course on the way home Peighton decided she watned to ride in the 4th of July parade.
So, we made a quick trip to the Wal-mart and decorated her bike!
She ended up getting the "Judge's Choice" award-not bad for how we threw that one together!!

We spent the afternoon of the 4th playing in the corn and eating lots of good food.

Preston did a little soil testing while we were there.

And then he proceeded to become a grubby mess in the back of the truck at Grandma's that afternoon!

We stayed home for about 6 days (someone had to do laundry and get the mail!) and then we headed back to the Dells!

This one was a work trip for Dustin so we did a few non-waterpark adventures.

Such as the Deer Park. 

The girls thought it was pretty fun...until the deer got too aggressive asking for thier snacks!
We made a break for the gate at that point!

Preston wasn't overly fond of the deer in his face-but he probably smelled like graham crackers and goldfish!

We stayed at the Kalahari so there was a lot of random African decor that inspired Peighton to pose...

We ate at the Cracker Barrel one morning and Dustin gave Preston a whole should have seen the floor when he was done... 

Then we moved onto the Wilderness Resort. 
If you're counting, this was technically the third stay at the Dells.

We met 3 other couples and their children for a long weekend.
So there were 8 adults and 9 4 1/2 Peighton was the OLDEST.
You could say it was a little crazy...

In between all the waterpark action we managed to sneak in a little birthday fun for Preston.

When we finally got home it was time for the fair!

Peighton competed in the Oreo stacking contest (we even practiced that afternoon at Grandma's house!).

She also did the Pedal Pull the next day but Grandma had to take her while I went to the ER with my little man.

He ended up with a fractured tibia.
But looking at this picture you wouldn't know there was much wrong aside from the bandage on his leg!!!

Then of course it was time for his real birthday party!
Decorating and making the food was quite a challenge for me while trying to keep a newly walking 12 month old from putting weight on his leg!
But we got it done and had a great party.

It was total chaos most of the time but it was lots of fun!

Preston is getting lots of scooter rides from his big sister these days.

It was definately a CRAZY month but it was lots of fun and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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