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Monday, June 6, 2016

T-Ball, Last Days and Big Ol' Fish!

We've been BUSY the last few weeks!

Peighton's school had "Cowboy Day."
We had everything we needed for that!
Guess who got to scrub the poop off the zebra show boots....not the cute girl wearing them!

This kid was SUPER excited to start T-Ball!
He is usually most excited about wearing the cleats.

#4 is our favorite!

He's had some really great hits at his games!

There's a bit of this at every game.

Most of the time he does a pretty good job though!

He really likes to slide into home.

Last day of 5 year old Preschool!
He has had so  much fun this year and learned so much!
He sounds out words, tries to spell as he makes stories, counts by 10's, adds and subtracts-I think he's ready for kindergarten!


We had a fun preschool picnic for all the graduates complete with graduation hat.

He's been dying to get his pole in the water lately!

These two went out for about an hour and caught what we like to call "Bubba Fish."

Then it was time for her last day of 3rd grade.

She's been busy with Farm Safety Camp, a cattle show and Vacation Bible school since she got out!

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