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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Iowa Simmental Field day fun

Peighton took Princess Anna on her first outing this weekend in Ames for the Iowa Junior Simmental Field Day.

It was a great weekend of learning and showing.

We drove around campus for awhile Sunday morning and Dustin showed Preston where he'll live in a few years and how there will be some nice Pi Phi girls right up the street. ;-)

Waiting to go in.

Looks like we need a smaller harness for Peighton.
This one is as tight as it will go and it's still too big on her!

Peighton did a great job showing Anna.

She ended up third in her class that day.
Super proud of this girl and her heifer!

Right before showmanship, Anna had had enough and gave up.
She laid down while we were waiting for the seniors to finish up.
Peighton thought it was funny and we made a cute picture out of it!
It was a long day for her as well.
We brushed her off and sent them into showmanship though!
Can't wait for the next one with these two!

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