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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mark Twain, Hannibal, MO and Honeycreek!

We took a quick camping trip down to Hannibal, MO and we learned a bit about Mark Twain!
We stayed at Mark Twain Landing.
It was a fun and different experience than all the other camping places we've been.
There was a water park, mini golf, bike trails, fishing-LOTS to do.

We took a tour of Mark Twain Cave.
Both kids LOVED it.
We learned a lot about the cave and all the people who have passed through there.
The one that impressed Preston the most was Jesse James after he had robbed a bank!

We walked for the entire tour and saw lots of interesting things along the way.

It was COLD in the cave!

We also took a ride on a paddle boat down the Mississippi.

Preston thought we should take a "mad" picture.

They did really enjoy it though!

Three of us have matching "Happy Camper" shirts.
The fourth isn't participating.
We needed a quick photo.

We also visited the Mark Twain museum.
So much fun!

One of their favorite things at the museum.

He REALLY liked the horn.

The fence that inspired the story of Huckleberry Finn is still there and it even has some paint brushes!

These two cannot resist the cutout head murals.

The next weekend we headed off to Honeycreek!
Preston got an early birthday present since they love to ride scooters when we camp.

This was right before Peighton had a MAJOR wipeout and came back crying and covered in mud.
She was fine and Dustin and I couldn't stop laughing.

They also got a little boat riding and fishing in with Grandpa Dale and Dustin.

A trip to Honeycreek isn't complete without a few stops at the waterpark!

We love it!

We spent a LOT of time in the Lazy River!

More head cutout pictures.

We had lots of fun camping!
It's next stop is the county fair-the kids can't wait!

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